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            An unimaginable beautiful woman, a Dancing Queen, a Seduction star...













  AM:Dancing is a deeper expression for you or mostly a professional choice?  

  Dance is expression of my deepest being: it is the encounter with my true soul. I consider myself very lucky for having made of my passion my profession.
  AM:Burlesque is a literary, dramatic and musical work, what does it mean for you? 
  I personally believe Burlesque is a complete form of art because it can contains all of other forms of art: anything can become burlesque. Also, the seduction and streep tease parts are still considered as an exaltation of feminity, consideration that  seems to have been lost lately.
 AM:What generally Art means for you?  
 To me, Art is creativity, travel, encountering our deepest and intimate being. Each one of us is an artist: it is enough to close our eyes and relax, let be lulled by interior feelings, and then create!
 AM: Share with me some highlights of your collaborations. 
 Definitively, one of the most important and unforgettable collaboration I had was  with the SLIPPER ROOM Theatre in New York. Another constructive and exciting experience was with the italian tv show Barbareschi Sciock, for which I have very good memories.
 AM:Tell me what is your main sense when you are on stage? Are you anxious? 
 When I am on stage I feel as I'm surrounded by a bright light and everything else disappears. Instead, before I go on it, anxiety and agitation sovereign, but as soon as I begin my performance everyhting bad disappears, I make peace with my emotions, finding only calm, completeness, home.
 AM:Tell me few things for your future plans.
 My plans for the future are to continue create and perform. My dream is to form my own crew and to open a dance school.
 AM: Thanks for your time Lucy!



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