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 A powerfull image, a charming personality, an a priori international classy model...

 AM:How long have you been modeling?

If i talk generally i had my first photoshoot when i was 16 ,i took  part in a beauty contest when i was 17, but after i didnt work as a model, i was studying,moved to Saint Petersburg.
I have started to work professionally since i moved to Greece.

AM: Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.

I think my portfolio has varied views. I have photos in my portfolio
from the shooting that we made for fun with my friends after beach with salty hair .
I ll never forget this day,coz we were so excited with the photos ,while we were shooting we didnt give attention to our,somebody stole our cellphones while i was posing on camera in the park,haha.
One of my friends photographers had an idea to shoot tango style.
Before the shooting we had a tango lesson just to understand the idea, the breath of this beautiful dance ,to try to pose as a professional dancer.
We did the shooting at 1 o'clock at night in the centre of Athens,after these poses i understood how difficult this dance is,my legs were hurting so much from the pressure,but the result was fantastic.
So,for me its not only portfolio,every photo for me is the story....
AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

Art can be fashion,and fashion can be art.
These two words have a huge connection. Art,artist...
Thats why in the fashion industry you see the makeup artists,hair artists, photographers ,models..
All people that doing their job with love,passion,having amazing results are artists for me.

Every beautiful tall girl cant be a model if she doesnt like to change,ifshe always has the same expression on her face,if she knows only 2-3 "classic" poses...
Model is an artist,the actress,that can be funny today,queen tomorrow,boring ugly the day after tomorrow...

AM:How much Social Media  promote a young model to become internationally recognized?

Nowadays,social media took the biggest part of our lifes.
Of course,this is the chippest faster and easier way to promote yourself and your work.
So many instagirls and instaboys became famous from instagram,even became models(singers, actors). 10-20 years ago nobody could have the photos from professional photoshooting..
Now every girl has an opportunity to have a photoshoot and she can share beautiful pictures in facebook and instagram with her friends and followers, so may be somebody from modelagency or potential client can find her.

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

Of course, I like to take part in campaigns with interesting concept.
I like to work with professionals , with great stylists, amazing hair and makeup.
Its very important for me to have a friendly funny atmosphere when I work with my team. I adore to work on the catwalks.
I can meet a lot of new people and to speak with my friends models while waiting for the show.

AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry?

I think yes, it's possible. I could be a good booker.
All the girls and boys models trying to help each other .
Many times  clients call me to  suggest them models, makeup artists , photographers.
Always we are trying to help them take as many jobs as possible.
When I suggested one girl model to the a photographer or a client,i think that: who knows maybe she will suggest myself somewhere in the future.
Unfortunately, modeling is not forever, so if you like to work in this industry why not to try yourself as a booker, stylist , etc..
I have experience in organizing photo shootings and fashion shows, so, I think I have possibilities.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

For now, I continue doing modeling.
In the future ,  my plans are to make family,have children..
AM:Thank you Stefania!

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