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Inspired by feminine sense of practicality, her design philosophy meets futurism with classicism..
AM:Art and Fashion are dominant in your brand.What makes you charmed in this coexistence?
I think there is more creation that the world translates into art and places it in the fashion industry.
I feel happy to be able to implement my ideas and practically, apart from just one paper.
It is important that the person who calls him designer or artist has a sense of material, style, construction, because it gives him another dimension to what he makes. He has reason and awareness of things.
She can explain to you if she chose this material and why she turned it that way.
I am fascinated by the construction and then the art that is used to become an object that belongs to fashion.
Art affects fashion, and so I have somehow put myself a little bit in this industry.
AM:What is the international echo of your creations so far?
It's a daily struggle and a constant effort to do whatever you can to get out of the border.
So far my goddess of fortune has been very generous and I am glad every time I get some distinction for design or when international bloggers keep my bags.
Vogue Italia has awarded me twice as Vogue Talent, great fashion magazines have included in my editorials handbags, I have given some interviews but certainly the news travels much faster and additioanlly internet is in our lives and so does Instagram.
AM:What personality do you consider your influence ?
Influence on the material and the passion to create my own object I believe it was, is and will be my father.
We are two completely opposed characters, but when it comes to making, drawing, with what-we-will-find-so, then we do it all over and there is always a very nice result.
In what I plan to do, I will not let it affect me, but how I will apply it will always be the first to ask.

AM:What is your inspiration,when it comes the creation time?
I have never been able to honestly answer this question.
It depends on the emotional period I'm going through. As a Aquarius and as a sign of the air I am, I am in my world and where the wind blows. I'm not inspiring as much as I'm listening to.
I can not explain it, but I realize what I want to do for the next phase without looking at it a lot. When I have an issue in my mind,then becomes a mess of ideas, thoughts, designs, I literally struggle about how to do it.
For the cards, the inspiration was because I always loved Alice in Wonderland and the reason why my second name is Alice, so there was a match, and also because it was the first book my mother gave me.
When I made the order with the signs it was because in a clearing of old things I found my first astrological chart. The candies because they turn me back to my childhood.
The pixel bag because that was the bathroom floor in my grandmother Urania's house.
It was just like the print in the bag, small colorful pieces-mosaic.
Perhaps my inspirations are simple, good memories back in my carefree years of my life.
AM:How important is the strength of the social media  to promote your brand?
It is probably A and Z the power of social media. Without it, it is difficult to maintain permanent contact with your audience worldwide. Instragram is at the moment the most powerful and faithful ally of any brand. Just know how to use it correctly and not to use it.
When my brand became known abroad in 2012, IG was at its inception as a simple means of displaying your favorite albums and although it was not as easy to do, it was already a way to communicate with customers or with fans all over the world slowly. Something then facebook could not offer yet, the immediacy.
Today, obviously this has been inflated 10 times more than that and I would say that many brands now just start with an Instagram account and an eshop creation and have no agencies, exhibitions, shows etc. They do everything online!
AM:Business and creative management..How coexist with the same person?
Depends on man! And how much he wants to succeed.
I can identify a percentage of times when they say they can not both, but I have to be tired enough to agree that it is not.
Personally, if I am not in both fields I can not give it right to anyone. I want full control.
I think the guy "he's not a good businessman because he's an amazing artist and that's his talent" does not match me at all.
This man for me just chose the easiest choice of both and not both.
Nothing is easy and you are not happy if you do not work hard and you do not want it too much.
AM:Tell us a few things about your next projects.
I'm working hard on my online store, which I delayed launching. I wanted the brand to become world-famous and the world could see the object that I made with so much love, and be in stores physically in as many countries as I could send it.
See how close it is to polish it and catch it and feel how silky it has. How well done and careful in detail.
That is not just a plexiglas box that has a figure, but that it is an art & fashion item that is not mass production.
Why an online store and a perfect photo can not stimulate your senses.
But the moment has come to come and personally closer to everyone who has a bag or want to get online as well.
AM: Urania u got our love and support, keep on create !

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