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A Fantastic and Passionate creator , invites me to her Accessories world..                   












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AM: Art and Fashion are  so dominant on your brand. What makes you charmed in this coexistence?
When the match is balanced, then the result of the creation acquires an entity, character and personality. Then i feel that i can have a sentimental bond with it.
AM: What is the international expression of your creations so far?
In Europe, I have been working with Italy, Cyprus and Finland so far and I have been lucky to have inspired collections that touched people with cultures other than those of Europe such as Japan and Lebanon, Jeddah and Dubai.
Apart from these collaborations, however, I am particularly pleased that my clients are from all over the world.
AM: What personality do you consider your influence in your job?
I recognize the talent of many creators in the field and admire the special spot behind their work.
All of them had taken care that their individual identity was unmistakably and effortless, and I can say that following the same example I dedicated myself to creating so far.
AM: Are you inspired by what  when you capture a concept?
I have never managed to dismiss with absolute way, what is happening within me during and / or the short moment of conception.
Perhaps the only thing that leads me inside, from the absolute darkness to the clearing, is only the material.
His form, sense, color, and willingness to work and to put it into my hands.
AM:How important is the strength of the social media network and social media to promote your brand?
It is clearly very important and as the years pass, this power grows rather than sliding ! I would say for sure that it has not ceased for over 10 years and continues until today to be the path for the future for  the most of us.
AM:Business and creative management how well coexist in the same person?
On a personal level I would say no good. I feel every time that I am the slut on the effort and the bar on it, I contradict myself from one end of my liberated artwork and from the other my uttermost square logic.
I want to imagine that it is all for everyone and I'm not alone but surely some will be less than others.
AM:Tell me a few things about your next projects!
I am always happy when I discover something from the very beginning. Something that creatively adds a few meters of depth and splinter, a few degrees further to gain perspective and perspective from a prominent angle and mature creatively.
And somewhere there are the plans.
New collection with a distinctive emphasis on the outside of the skin ,the metal wing with avant-garde elements and of course my regular presence for the fourth time at Paris Fashion Week and this year's summer collection at Andydote fashion fare in Athens.

 AM: Thank you so much for the whole cooperation!






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