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 with Irini Louisa Andrikopoulou, fashion designer & founder of Lefkon.














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AM:Art and Fashion are dominant in your brand. What charmed you in this coexistence?
Fashion is art. By defining art as the creation that causes emotions, fashion is the one that causes moods.
When a set is able to change the psychology of the wearer I would say that fashion is a daily form of art that we apply to ourselves.
AM:What is the international appeal of your creations so far?
Participating in the Paris Fashion Week's Women's ss'18 has launched a brand new brand of extroversion, with a very positive response. The fact that my philosophy behind design and creation is perceived fills me with hope for the future.
AM:Who is the persona do you consider influence in your work?
There are many but if I had to separate one would be Chanel because she broke the rules she did not like in fashion and created her own. Keeping this in mind with Picasso's words "learn the rules as a professional to break them as an artist" I create my collections.
AM:Are you inspired by where you mainly capture a concept?
Inspiration is hidden in unexpected places. In a movie, in a painting, in a woman walking on the street, in the unique Greek light and in the geometry she attaches to the objects but my main source of inspiration is the dynamic women of all time.
AM:How important is the power of the internet and social media to promote your brand?
Nowadays, the internet plays a prime role in viewing. The most important thing is creating quality work and choosing the right partners to get a result that will be used in social media and be representative of the brand.
AM:Business and creative management.How well they can coexist in the same person?
As much as our everyday routine with dreams coexists.
As far as I am concerned, I create and work with perseverance, patience, organization and imagination, not necessarily with this series ever! (laughs)
AM:Tell us a few words about your next plans.
My goal is to establish as many women's consciousness as possible .
AM: Wish you the best Irini!

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