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    Her Beauty is inexrpessible!
An international Art & Fashion ambassador! 

AM:How long have you been modeling? 

 I've been working in modeling industry for more than 10 years now. It started with extra photoshoots during my high school and studies time, where I got to know the market and how it works.

But I can say definetely that my carreer had a big turnover after my 3 years contract in Miami, where I was working on big projects.

 AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio. 

 I've been modeling for many companies and various style of brands as well as many magazine covers.

There are  covers of Fashion magazines like Most Fashion, SCENE Chicago, SOMOS, Modellenland as well as more glamorous and sexy ones; Playboy, Kandy, CKM , Goddess Magazine.

I've been working on campaigns of many swimwear and lingerie brands as Floridita, Keva Swimwear, She Beachwear, Gata Negra, Ekenabay, Roza ,

Clothes conpanies, cosmetic brands, calendars etc.

AM: Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?   

For me Fashion is a part of Art. They are not only words which define clothes or some photos,paintings. Its a lifestyle, a feeling of taste. In the end each of us can find something else us in Art.All depends on  what steals our attention and make us wanna contemplate a little.

AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) promote a young model to become internationally recognized?   

These days Social Media helps a lot, i would even say that they are  a "Must" if you wanna be recognizable.

I am not  a big fan of sharing my personal thoughts and activities on instagram, but it definitely helps when it comes to share the results of your work. Moreover many brands have  a chance to contact you personally, not through agency and that makes cooperation much easier and profitable.

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part? 
 I like modeling  a  lot so each campaign i take part  is exciting for me. Every project demands from you a different look, role, feeling , attitude. Its like putting yourself in somebody's else shoes for a  while. In the end its not important what kind of production is that, its about the people you work with and passion you share with them for the things you work on.
AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry? 
Of course,  once you let the creativity to be  a part of your life, you cant imagine to do anything less. I had a great opportunity to sell my pictures to few art galleries. Thanks to that i became familiar with art industry which is pretty much what i do beside being  a  model.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans. 
First step  is already done.  I opened my own art gallery called KAWAI where i sell photos and paintings of international artists. beside that we offer beautiful, all made of crystals champagne bottles. so my future plan is to show that the art  field is not only serious and snobistic enviroment.
I wanna make  a place that you can enjoy beautiful art during drinking a glass of your favourite champagne and talk abut everything what is important in life.

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