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   A Greek designer who loves to create for woman what makes her classy female...














Nayia Haira studied at the School of Plastic Arts and Sciences at the University of Ioannina and at the School of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

In 2011 she is attending jewelry seminars next to Dimitris Nikolaidis at the Hellenic American Educational Institute, Athens College of Psychiko and she is headed for the manufacture of silver jewelery.

At the same time, he worked for Rococo for several years designing women's clothing and accessories. In 2015 he acquires a postgraduate degree in Graphic Arts and Multimedia at the Hellenic Academy of Fine Arts. (GREEK OPEN UNIVERSITY).

From 2013, she designs personal collections of clothes and jewelery, and she also begins designing two swimsuits that lead to custom made orders. In 2016 she creates the new Swim Row swimsuit line, focusing on body feel, quality, application and style specificity through always the simplicity. Since 2013 she has been working with Gallery Cube Patras and she works as a fashion editor for the fashion pages of TRIP magazine in the Peloponnese.

She began the first experimentation of women's accessories with a selection of waste materials at the age of fourteen. Inspiration for her can be anything, an image, a listening or even a word.






AM:Art and Fashion are distinct in  your brand. What makes you charmed in this coexistence?

 Fashion is Art and many times Art is Fashion. A pattern is the architecture of the garment, a print is a visual work. Many of my designs are based on geometric archetypes such as the circle.The lines are characteristic of my design. This was also an influence on the title / brand name swim row. The word row, brings in direct links from lines / strips prevailing in swimsuits and dresses.

AM:What is the international echo of your creations so far?

The brand is a new venture and I aspire to a share in the international market.

AM: What personality do you consider your influence in your job?

A favorite personality is the Greek designer Marios Schwab, in whose look and work I see elements that are externalized by my subconscious.

AM:What inspired to capture a concept?

Inspiration can be a material, a nice fabric, the image of another design. It's a head start for something new. It is the expression of some 'need' by another person who is challenged.

AM:How important is the strength of the social media network and social media to promote your brand?

Nowadays, the internet and social media are intertwined with the existence and expression of the brand. This gives huge opportunities for promotion in a global market.

AM: Business and creative management how well coexist with the same person?

Business and creative management are usually two different talents. That's why different specialties work together in one brand. There are few exceptions to celebrities who manage to combine business and creative management themselves. The creator is the guiding force with regard to viewing but does not work alone.

AM: Tell us a few things about your next projects.

I always look for innovation. I have focused my attention on the most pioneering trends in space and on new technologies.

AM: Thanks Nayia and keep on Fashion!





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