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 An Eclectic Jewelry Brand for Men and Women that conceptualizes each product matching with strong Personalities...

Interview with Eva Karkaletsi/inspirator and designer of ANNU
The Photos that used below to accompany the interview of ANNU are taken by the editorials of Collections of ANNU brand.
The Contributors of these Collections are the following:
Styling and Hair:  Cris PanteLidis
styling:Lia Karkaletsi
make up and hair:Ili Mavroidakou
model:Christina Kud
model:Dimitris Sioutis 
AM:Art and Fashion dominate your brand. What makes you charmed in this coexistence?
Creation is art. The fact that art can be worn and become fashion is fascinating.
What fascinates me is always the result of this marriage, when in the end I see my collection complete in an editorial. An image equals 1000 words.
There is always a message that we are trying to get through the pictures and that is why in every collection we put all our creativity with the team to make a very artistic result through the pictures. And in the end, of course, the acceptance of the people is fascinating to me and that they make their own personality through my own art and fashion.
AM:What is the international echo of your creations so far?
I started from Toronto, Canada. Then I made very unique pieces (one of a kind). I worked a lot of hours maybe days to perfect a jewelry that would have handmade beads and strange techniques to get the most unique and artistic effect.
I participated in some designer exhibitions, and some boutiques showed real interest in my art, but it did not sell very much.
The people were looking  my jewelery, and they were more admirable than i could imagine. I was a Straggle artist in Toronto.
In the 8 months of operation of ANNU in Greece, and having changed the way I make jewelry now, many people find my work remarkable. The truth is that I have many proposals from different places for pop up shops, exhibitions and collaborations. I have worked with the well-known American Voice stylist Marta Vilalobos as well as the very talented fashion designer from Holland Jessica Antonio for the collection of Amid Cultures.
AM:What personality do you consider your influence in your job?
Surely my mother. Until today her passion is embroidery and knitting, two techniques she taught me and they have also been very useful in creating jewelery.
I also have influences from rock scene personalities,being inspired by a cousin who came to live in Greece from Australia and taught me classical rock music when I was 12 years old.
Then I developed my own sounds. That's why I think the style of my jewelery makes a rock character, even though it has traditional techniques or culture elements, like my first Raw Collection jewelery collection.
AM:Are you inspired by what you do when you capture a concept?
Originally, for me, the versatility and the ease in the jewelery play a very important role.
Having a step on this I create jewels that can be worn in a variety of ways or unisex like my latest collection of Cosmos Collection.
Nowadays I think it's easy to get inspiration with all this information on the internet.
Nevertheless, it is always inspired by the different cultures, the nature and that generously offers us, the experiences and the decorative art, which, when connected, translate into modern silhouettes that can be worn and given personality and style.
AM:How important is the strength of the social media network and social media to promote your brand?
Having an online business is definitely very important for the internet and social media to promote the brand.
The social media game is very difficult. Many times I feel like a pawn that someone moves it where he wants to win. It is exhausting trying to gain recognition. You have to be there every day, with fresh ideas, with photos and videos, inspiring, talking to peoples' feelings.
And as you going further,it gets more and more difficult. But I am very positive and willing to do the best I can and work as hard as possible to showcase my own work and my own ideas. I can say that I enjoy it, especially when it's resonating.
 AM:Business and creative management can well coexist with the same person?
 Also very difficult, like with social media.
 I will simply translate it: Entrepreneurship is logic and creation is the feeling. You must find the balance between those two.
 Many times the logic of entrepreneurship greatly limits my creativity. I have created a lot of jewels with spontaneity but I have not presented them anywhere because my logic stops me that this piece will not be accepted by the world, ie it will not sell.
 AM:Tell us a little about your next projects..
 I think a lot , from working up new techniques to upcoming collections. I have already begun to design my next collection but I am still at an early stage!
 What I definitely have as a future plan is to continue to work ethically, to be able to open vacancies in Greece of financial ​crisis and to put ANNU jewelery in more locations, not only in Greece but also abroad. 
 AM: From my heart wish you the best for ANNU!

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