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Eleni Stilianou Zara, passionate with music , full of energy from the eastern wind of ethnic/electronic dance music, is here to stay for a long!









AM:Tell me a few things your relationship with music and djing;
Music is lifestyle for me, it is a way of expressing myself and of course way of communication. I started in very young age going to concerts, events and parties, so it was natural for me to become a DJ. Although i am a professional graphic designer, i decided that music expresses my inner feelings most. That's way i became a DJ, because you always must combine hobby and job.
AM: In electronic music which type expresses you more and what influences do you spend in your sets?
My first love is Techno Music, but my ultimate passion is spiritual dance music. Through middle east sounds, my major point is to bring the dessert's passion, sounds and colours inside the west culture. My main target is creating through my sets a journey, a story, a unique atmosphere.
AM: What is your opinion about the position of electronic music in the Greek clubland?
Despite the financial crisis that has influenced music in Greece, electronic music has a very reputable place in fans. There are only several places that have the option and the quality to provide nice electronic music events.
AM: Tell me about your presence in Mykonos and the feeling of being an artist there.
My personal opinion is that Mykonos in summer is the center of the world. Mykonos and Ibiza are the main places for the world music scene. I am very proud given the opportunity to participate in events, alongside with great and famous DJs, showing my personal work, in a place where the greatest names of music scene playing every year.
AM: Starting this year, you are participating in the start of the Ritual Club in downtown Athens. Tell me about it.
I am extremely happy being a member of Ritual team. It is the first club, that supports spiritual music in Greece, after Mykonos clubs. It is a music, that the last years has become well known in Greece. The influence of Ritual is basically moroccan and ethnic. Many famous Djs playning music there every single night. It is my favourite booth under the "almond tree".
AM: Art and Fashion. What do these two words mean to you?
Art and fashion are exactly the same for me. There can't seperate from each other. It is expression, it shows a statement and basically it is not only fashion, but also somtheing personal!
AM:What do you prepare for the future, what are your next projects?
I just came back from Lebanon (Beirut), where i always feel and live something significant and special. My next project is with the master of spiritual music Viken Arman, in Ritual Athens. In the beginning of 2018, i will visit Miami (Lemon City Studios), where i will begin music production. Mykonos is always in my summer plans, but who knows?! I really hope, the best are yet to come! For more info, soon...
AM: My best wishes Eleni!

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