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“To move, to breathe, to float

To gain all while you give

To roam the roads of lands remote

To travel is to live”

  • Hans Christian Andersen



You crave your escape


Running away


From anything holding you back, from closed minds and eyes shut


From the sensation of getting lost in a chaotic, dead end labyrinth


You breathe – not so much


You live – not so much


You grab some clothes and run to the airport


On the plane


You close your eyes


And as you open them, the ground, the people, anything holding you down


They fade away


And as they do


You breathe in your first true breath in a while


Your senses heighten


You feel that the world is infinite


And so is your potential

And the grand, beautiful moments you can live – infinite too


You are a tiny something in the infinite of your world


And at the same time you are everything


In front of you nothing


You sink in its desolate emptiness


Time stands still


And you are a clock melting inside it


You let yourself learn about this new destination


Learn about its people


Embrace new ideologies and new ways to see the world


Learn the world from the beginning


Like an infant


As if you don’t and never knew anything


You dream about discovery, new sensations


You open the windows of your soul


You let in all the beauty that’s out there


That’s already inside you


You lose yourself only to find it again


So you can become richer – in experiences, images, feelings


Your spirit is a light, white feather


Nothing and everything belongs to you


Now you can come back


Liberated from anything that was holding you back, the weight now insubstantial, and your misery gone


Now you’re ready to face every day as a new challenge


You’re ready to take in the people around you as a newfound family


Every moment as a whole lifetime


Yourself as a new, exciting human being


Who sees the world in a different light


That world out there


But, most importantly


The world inside you


And now open your eyes


You made your journey a remarkable one –beautiful as life


Margaret Chala







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