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 by Aris Moskov

 inspired by the original mix ''Lost in a Moment" of Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge.














Lost in a Moment, cosmonauts of an internal space, 

kiss, kill and resurrect our memory , 

so fucking beautiful so fucking dead,


Hey! believe it or not we are prophets of a new empire, 

the empire of silence, an empire without land but full of images, feelings and bodies,

No, it is not a tribute for a desert in our mind, is a song for a ladder to a hidden garden,


Lost in a Moment, the sun does not exist , i can see only the galactic river of my thought out of my head,

and i am wondering to dive or not to dive...

Small Manifesto for a last night experience with some friends from an Unknown place, sharing the spasms of the moon , 

Bring to you the last flowers of the Earth , enough to remind us the idea of Life, enough to ask ourselves where do we live ..


Where do we live ? In reality? no, in our dreams? no, in a moment between reality and fantasy , 

Ready to kiss, kill and resurrect our memory , cause now we are still lost in a Moment,

With the hope this Moment to be Eternal...




cover photo: @penabranca

inside photo: Burning Man Festival

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