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 An Ukrainian Photographer and Model , Ilona' with her work combines Dreamy and Sensual icons, the female naked body and landscapes..enjoy her magnificent blend of Art!













 AM:Share with us how was your start as a photographer.

Photography came to my life with my first mobile phone with camera sony ericson,
more deep follow industry helps people who adore my pictures, they just like what I make & it comes to my life like profession.

AM:Whose work has influenced you most?
first inspirational work for me its Mike Brodie seria 'punk america', its real film pictures & amazing living moments,
also love many authors from all over the planet.

AM:Your photography, mostly, is a dedication to female body. How do you explain your focus on erotic aesthetics ?
This is not like focus, just its present in art all the periods with nature/landscapes/etc
I also have landscapes and many other pictures without humans .

AM: How do you select your models?
anyone can be a model, it depends on light & capture, mostly models select me or life select them to be captured .

AM:Is the Internet a destructive development for the art of photography or you think open new opportunities for you ?
Internet for sure its a possibility for visual artist, but its not only gallery for viewing, also its a market where 99% of products is stolen.

AM:How much other Arts impact your photography?
all the art impact on our being, photography its just one part of it
for sure art is an inspiration for living.

AM:How much important is the Conceptual preparation on your projects?
this is 95% of results , all starts from the head, than you make it visible for others

AM:What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next projects.
Last 6 months I spent work on clothes design area, this is something new & interesting for me to work with real materials & receive selfies from people in my product ,just adorable thing .
Many pieces of apparel under construction now, but for sale is available woman lingerie
The concept is simple - quality & comfortable clothes.


 AM: Thanks so much and good luck to your projects !




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