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 a short tribute to my Magazine!












1. Always wanna finish something but never do it cause always love to start something new.


2. Dreaming endlessly even knowing that reality never forgives me about that.


3. Desire the darkest objects of Desire, something that makes me feel so happy and so sad.


4. How much I love to love someone who will never love me!


5. One night stand is my access to the Unknown through the pain of strangeness.


6. I will keep on to share the secrets of Pleasure with those who still insist to pleasure.


7. Makes me so sick to hate some people but this reminds me why i am still far away from Heaven.


8. Only God will judge me so i will be passionate with every Sin in my life.


9. Sex is a drug to forget myself not to love myself.


10. Art never happens. It is an Idea and for that reason all of us wanna fuck her in reality.




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