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 A brilliant Artist & Creator who defines her Photography with a Conceptual elegance and experimentalism ...













Ms.Dasha Matrosova started her way in international photography from Belarus, where she studied at Art Academy ( M.A . in fine art). Presently, DASHA lives and works between Washington , Barcelona and Bangkok.

Since 2015 DASHA works as international fine art and fashion photographer in particular Concept Art, Fine Art, Fashion, Emotional Creativity in which field she made several photographic campaigns which were published for IPA ( Los Angeles), PX3 (Paris) and MIFA ( Moscow)

For the last two years, DASHA is constantly recognized by IPA Awards and PX3 Awards which showed her works at international exhibitions organized by honorary committee.

Currently, she is engaged in projects with fashion magazines (covers), design studios of décor and styling the hotels brands.

Some of her most brilliant and exclusive works remain in private collections.



AM:Share with us how was your start as a photographer.

It started a long time ago when I was studying painting at Academy of Arts. My first point of interests was merely painting. At the same time I was fascinating with contemporary arts and modern performance technologies. So I bought my first camera to express myself and my arts in a bit new modern way. I guess that was the very beginning of my career as fine art photographer.

AM:Whose work has influenced you most?

Honestly, among photographers I don`t feel like somebody was very special for my inspiration. But I usually fond of creativity from such a big names as Marc Rothko, Picasso, and Kandinsky.

AM:Your photography, mostly, is a dedication to Art and Fashion. How do 
you explain your focus on Fine aesthetics?

 You see, in my works I mostly mix fashion and art. But for now, Fine Art is my priority style. I guess pure fashion market is overcrowded with artists and trends. So I prefer to explore “fresh air” on the edge of these two genres.  Fine Art itself allows me better and more deeply expand my vision of Contemporary Arts in photography. 

AM:How do you select your models?

 Once I have a clear image of project, I simply choose ordinary people who fit the picture I have in my head at the very best way. It`s not necessary to be super models or dazzling show stars. But if we talking about fashion, beauty – here I work with pro models who understand what I need and the whole process of shooting.

AM: Is the Internet a destructive development for the art of photography 
or you think open new opportunities for you?

 One my famous friend says that Internet as well as modern technologies allow almost everybody to become popular around the world. So simple, we all have smartphones, cameras and social networks. Sharing and spreading of information in the globe is so natural and available to millions. So I fully agree with this statement.

AM: How much other Arts impact your photography?

 Oh, yes. I must admit modern installations along with sculpture affect me very deeply. What also bring me joy and necessary emotions is authentic, partly even  ethnic arts – like handmade national dolls or hand crafted stuffs.  


AM:How much important is the Conceptual preparation on your projects?

This is a core issue. Deep inside on storyboard with serious, real strong work on general concept including the meticulous details to everything. This is the only way to perform for me on the decent level.

AM:What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next 

 Oh what a wonderful question! In the nearest future I am on my way to arrange several solo exhibitions at the world art centers. As part of that, I do wish to share my skills with audience and do effective, rich of tips workshops. To be honest, I dream “to conquer” the space, in a specific art way. I don`t see why not to do the project at an outer space.

 I simply can`t stop performing. Nothing touches my soul as much as arts.

But I am realist and I have a lot of things to do in my life – because I can`t be impartial to people`s sufferings (I also have my own family issue) so I am eager to help as much as I possibly can. 

AM: Dasha thanks again for the honor to speak with me !





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