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 A stunning girl ,devoted and commited to her dreams , Sofia is not one more talented model for sure!

















AM:Modelling, what part of your personality expresses?

Modeling for me has a totally different meaning from the other girls who only see it as a hobby, since we are all models in our days. I want to say that this was my dream job since i was a little girl. As a little girl and like everyone else, I wore  my mother's clothes, her tall shoes, and I stunned inside the house in front of the mirror.


AM:Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you?

When fashion meets the art miracles are made! These two words are very important to me. I like to involve art in my work, so the outcome becomes more interesting.


AM: How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) boost a model to become internationally recognized?

Social media obviously help some children to realize their dreams, much less those who deal with modeling. Unfortunately, things have gone a long way now and everyone has become model or/and brand ambassador. This negatively affects many people who are actually engaged in modeling with more passion and all their power.


AM:What do you dream of living in the future as a model? What are your dreams for the future?

My dream is to go to USA to open my wings. I believe, I will be given more opportunities there. All that I need to do is  work,being patient and persistent. Sometime I believe i will succeed due to my hard efforts.


AM: Do you think models have an effect on people's senses and feelings, choice?

The truth is that I do not know. Every man, however, makes his own choices. Everyone expresses himself and that is what it counts for!
I am very stubborn. If I do not get what I want, I can't stop trying. So, I try until I succeed and calm down. I am a very open mind and I try to be always gentle and good to people because life is harsh and makes circles!
AM: So happy to speak with you, thanks Sofia!

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