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to be innovative in order to share your closet with everybody all around the world is an exciting thing and that is the success of  Danae, to provide us the app we need to make digital the sharing of our style.

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Danae Varangis is the founder and COO of DV Closet. Established in November 2015 as the result of Danae’s vision and a successful Kickstarter campaign, DV Closet is an app that brings fashion styling into the virtual space. 
The app offers personalised styling and shopping advice, as well as news and opinions on fashion all delivered by its in-house network of stylists.


AM:Define DV CLOSET, what do u want to provide to people and how this could be possible through your work?


DV Closet is a mobile phone application assisting individuals with styling and personal shopping, while offering news and opinions about fashion.

 Our aim is to provide a personal digital experience, which will engage in a fun and easy way all fashion lovers. Users will enjoy what used to be "expensive high end fashion services" at the comfort of their mobile phone. Our application is breaking the "barriers-to-entry" and increases the reach for all fashion professionals, designers, media, stylists, shoppers, bloggers, retailers, photgraphers, etc.


AM: What brings the merging of Fashion and Technology in our everyday life ? 

As Technology evolves there is a constant battle for the rest of the industries to catch up and be on the same level as technology.

Due to the fact that it inhabits a major part of our everyday life fashion now more than ever before struggles to be as current and as fast passed as technology is.

 Posting your outfit of choice on Instagram can be a mean of combining technology with fashion.

 Furthermore, the concept of DV Closets examines this exact coalition


 AM:How serious is the influence of social media on the way you are thinking your projects?

 Social Media is the go to platform for millennials thus, it is extremely important for us to have a strong social media presence. Either by monitoring what the consumer wants or by sharing our passions and aspirations with our followers we can better ourselves in all sorts of elements, from features on the app to building relationships and treating each consumer as a unique individual with a different sense of style.


AM: Share with us the most difficult steps for a fashion-tech start up .

 The most difficult part of establishing a fashion-tech startup will definitely be that while fashion, retail-wise, was amongst the first industries profited by the benefits of technology, as far as the services and functionality are concerned it has not evolved as much as technology and the above makes it difficult for the fashion companies to keep a close contact with consumers


AM:Are you a Fashion Influencer or a Lifestyle advisor ? 


I do not necessarily conceder myself one but would place DV Closet as a brand under that category. After all, we are an app advising and helping the every day working individual.

On the other hand, I am happy if I can aspire others to pursue their dreams and business objectives.


AM:Which international metropolis is closer to your plans,dreams and way of thinking about Lifestyle?


That is a very good question and if I am being honest I have no clue. I am at a stage in my life where everything is possible. After all, the DV Closet dream has just begun and I definitely do not think about what matches my dreams and lifestyle but what will benefit my business and allow what I love to grow. When that has been achieved I will think about what matches my plans, dreams and lifestyle more.


AM: Tell me what's going on next with DV CLOSET or other projects.

As aforementioned, the DV Closet dream has just begun. We have exciting things in store in the upcoming six months. Unfortunately I cannot disclose information on what changes and additions will occur in the app but as I always say to myself the best is yet to come....

AM: Thank you so much for your time!




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