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 She is Modeling and Blogging aiming to travel all around the world..














 AM:Modeling and Blogging, what part of your personality expresses?
 I love being a travel blogger. It is my absolute passion and dream job.
 AM:Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you?
 To be honest I'm not the most artsy and also not the most fashionable person. But I admire people who are very artistic or very fashionable.
 AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) can promote a model-blogger to become internationally recognized?
Social Media is the best way ever to get recognized. There are many examples (including myself) of people who have become internationally recognized through Instagram and Co.
 AM:What do you dream of living in the future as a blogger-model?
 My dream is to work as pilot one day and to continue travel blogging.

 AM: Thanks a lot for the talk Madeleine!
 Pilot Madeleine is a commercial pilot living in Munich, from Germany who works as a full time blogger.




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