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 Erotic, sinister, postmodern, rock and cinematic ..his photography does not compromise















AM:Why photographer?

Its a mix of my artistic side as well as my desire to know how things work and the mechanics involved in the operation of a camera. Initially it was purely an interest in the camera itself as a machine that drew me to pick up my dad's Minolta SRT 201 that I still own to this day. As I started to figure out the mechanics I started to see the world differently as small vignettes or stages that I wanted to capture. Im very drawn to locations and places that people would normally pass by without a second thought.

AM: Whose work has influenced you most?
I'm influenced by a lot of people, things, and artists not just reserved to photography. First and foremost the state I live in, Arizona, is a large desert that I draw a lot of inspiration from and that also bleeds into old spaghetti westerns that I get some of my cinematic ideas from. My wife and her lingerie line, Solstice Intimates, has given me a creative outlet to really delve into editorial and fashion photography and also to have such a talented woman who encourages me to be myself on a daily basis is a real blessing. A couple photographers I currently dig are Brooke Olimpieri & Nadia Lee Cohen their styles are so unique to the photographic community. 
AM: How would you describe your focus on the erotic aesthetics?
My main focus is to hopefully expose the model in a powerful light. 
AM: How do you define vice in Art?
For me considering I have kicked all true vices shooting photos for me is a true compulsion and passion. I feel the same after a shoot as I used to drinking to excess and smoking too many cigarettes.
AM: How do you select your models?
Instagram and word of mouth seems to be the main methods.

AM: Is the Internet a destructive development for the art of photography or you think open new opportunities?
The internet is full of a lot of assholes but ultimately I think that its been much more positive to the art community than destructive. I have met a lot of people I consider really good friends that come and visit my family and I from instagram. Not only that but I have been inspired by so many talented artists and learned so many things about myself and photography that it totally outweighs any of the bullshit out there. I certainly think there is a lot of room for improvement mainly in censorship and how these apps and websites are policed but that will come on it's own time. For now I will continue to shoot and post and connect with people.
AM:What other forms of Art you believe impact your photography?
Cinema, music, and environment.

AM: What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next projects
I never know what the hell I'm doing next if I'm being honest. I currently feel creatively stagnant and have been doing some soul searching for lack of a better term. I'll have to just keep shooting as much as possible till it comes to me. I have truly never been good about thinking that far ahead I try and stay in the moment as much as possible.
AM: Thanks Joseph our pleasure to have you on!




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