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AM:Modeling and blog­ging, what pa­rt of your personali­ty ex­pr­esses?

 I am always myself when I am modeling as well as when I am blogging. While having a photoshoot, I am dancing during the shoot, I make jokes and sometimes weird faces. You have to be fun, otherwise all these days would be so boring. I am actually not a real blogger, because I dont write about my life and products. But I like to share what I do with my life and I like to spread happiness. 

AM:Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you?

Hard question. It means something different for every person, because it is very personal. Everyone has his own perspecitive about fashion and art. For me fashion is something you feel good in, you think you look good in and you can show you like it. As well as with art, it has something you feel a bound with. When I like Art or I like the fashion, I feel attracted by it. But if I'm not, someone else can be attracted by it. It is a feeling that can be conditined attraction by the trend or by what your friends and family likes, but it can be also something from within you.

AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Fac­­­ebook, Twitter, Sn­a­p­chat) can promote a model to bec­ome internationally rec­og­nized?

I am not an expert in this. You should have statistics for this, and I haven't done any study to this, so I can't answer this question. There are famous models or people without social media at all.

AM:What do you dream of living in the fu­­­ture as a mo­del-b­logger?

I actually don't really like social media, it is good for now. But there are so many fake accounts, people photoshop, only show the best parts of them etc. For now it is easy money. I would like to safe money and later start a labour-intensive farm in Africa, to reduce the unemployment there. No machines, and if I am going to be big on social media, I will share that with the world.


I studied social psychology on the university of utrecht, which I finished. I also did social neuroscience. Now I model a lot, for example for ASOS. I love to travel and see the world. I am 24 years old. And I live for now in Amsterdam, but I will move next month, I will be living inbetween London and Paris.


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