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An immense wet area, up to the point where the eye reaches. A veil of fog and dust stained by the sunbeams in an eerie way spreads to the landscape that the Gauchos (South-American cowboys) cross upon their horses and the thousands of oxen. Unusual sounds that cause intense feelings within the timeless jungle.

After two flights and four hours driving on rutty roads, we were travelling through a highly spectacular route, arriving tired at the Fazenda (South-American ranch) in the middle of nowhere. It is the Pantanal at Mato Grosso, a breathtaking landscape, the second largest wetland in the world.

In Latin America, the Pantanal is the ideal area to meet numerous animals and birds, in contrast to the impenetrable jungle of the Amazon, where it is hardly feasible.

The senses are overwhelmed by images and colors that form a harmonious whole through the co-existence of the diverse parrots, the stunning exotic toucans and through the presence of animals such as the lone giant anteater, the social capybaras, or the peaceable and shy tapir and many others, which we had the opportunity to observe in the safaris we did during our stay there.

At Fazenda, flavors and scents of the amazing dishes prepared by the Gauchos, with their own products, are unique but it will stay memorable the piranhas’ soup, which we had caught earlier in a lake in the heart of the jungle.

Within this vastness of the fluid element and the jungle, you enjoy the feeling of the indomitable eternity. An indescribable, indefinable sense of unity with nature to flooding, especially after dark under the most beautiful starry sky I've ever seen, only listening to the cries of animals and birds. This absolute silence and solitude is forces you to redefine, seeking again new distant paths, full of adventure, leaving open your mind and heart to new challenges that will lead to the discovery of your authentic self !!!!




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