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In this article I describe my reasons why i love fashion blogging. My Name is Laura and I am 23 years old. I am a Fashion Blogger.

Fashion is my passion. Fashion expresses a person and has an impact in his view. You can be, what you want. Fashion expresses feelings and pictures the character and the ambitions of a person. I love it to look a perfect outfit.

The way to be a fashion blogger is hard. Recently I started my Blog "". My inspirations were Fashion Blogging on Instagram. I read about fashion, lifestyle and food. I see often pretty outfits but I can't find the proper clothes’ combination. The search for the right link takes time.

So establishing a Blog with Detailed links to The component parts was one of my first targets. The readers can easily find the shop and buy the clothes on a relaxing and playful way.


The world of fashion is totally fiiled with fantastic brands. There is everywhere clothes and new trends. This is the game for me. To create a personal style is difficult.

So follow Fashion Bloggers. If you have found a Fashion Blogger after your fancy, you can use the suggestion. I love writing articles and making search for you.

Fashion is my passion. I love looking for a perfect outfit. I try many combinations and finally publish them in my Blog.

You can visit me on or on my Instagram page lauradoering_ .




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