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A Vibrant and provocative girl..walk only with Aris Moskov..



AM:Modeling and fashion, what part of your personality expresses? 

AK: In the childhood I dreamed to become an actress) well like most girls. But my mom decided that I like more the law. 
So modeling for me is a chance to become an actress and play different roles. It's like a silent movie when you need a body to Express emotion and mood of Shooting. Although, we always have fun, and every frame is worth a good 20 minutes of wild laughter.
AM:Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you?
AK: Fashion and art always go together. And one cannot exist without the other. However, fashion is not always the art, and Vice versa. Take for example the photo. In recent years it has become a mainstream, it is very fashionable to do a photo shoot, everyone becomes a photographer. Anyway, without a photo of the product/service it is not possible to imagine the modern world. And the face of the concept of fashion and art is practically erased. Everybody are Interested in likes and reposts)) and for me, art is something eternal. Dali, Chanel, Mozart. It might be someone obscure, but it is recognized by the whole world, and therefore, it is an art, and it is fashionable.
AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) is promoting a young model ?
AK: As for me, I'm convinced that the best way to become internationally recognized model is Instagram. There are a lot of people who is looking for new faces, or just flipping through different profiles. You should post a lot of photos from the parties and projects, mark people and publics, than the probability that you will notice will grow . Although that is some kind of the case, of course. That's how do you find me?))
AM:What do you dream of living in the future as a model?
AK: I have never predicted the career as a model, and did not aim. I've always wanted to run a business)) and now I am the co-owner of one of the Moscow photostudios. Yes, in my spare time I'm still modeling, but it's more a hobby than the way of life and the source of income. Now I help to organise photo shoots and act more as the model scout, because I know many photographers, makeup artists, stylists. So if somebody wants a cool photo session, I'm the best producer ever ?
My name is Anastasia (Ana) 
56 kg 
The fashion shows. Photo shoot. Shooting for advertising.

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