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INSTAWALK means that Aris Moskov presents instamodels from all around the world, enjoy short interviews and photogalleries tailor made for the best talents of Instagram beauty industry.

Let's start our Instawalk with a very talented model from Greece, Ms Nancy Ioannoy, a supreme body, a fantastic expression..a girl with strong character and dreams.







AM: Which part of your personality express with modeling?

NI:  In my opinion modeling is an expression of art, from both sides of creator and photografer! I like photoshooting, not only as a type of art, so i think that there are several rules that must be respected. Additionaly, one basic part of my personality is my sense for perfection. I need everything to be done correct and under proffesional rules. My confidence is very high and through photo projects and art engagement, becomes even more powerful!

AM: Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you? 
NI: Fashion and art are indispersable parts of the same subject! Fashion is about beauty, risk, glamour and many more that someone combines through his own personality and makes a statement for his passions and character. My personal belief is that fashion is the soul's mirror. Finally, art is the basic source for creator's imagination to establish his personal beliefs and sensitivities!
AM: How much social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) is promoting a young model to become internationally recognized?
NI: Nowadays, everyone knows that social media is a powerful tool. They have succesfully taken, TV and Press place in people's life. It is very easy for someone to show his personal work with low (or no) cost in a very accessible way. Many models have taken several contract, because someone made a click in their pesonal social media account.
AM: Your dreams for the future ?
NI: Every work must express no less than me, Nancy as a character, as a woman , as a personality. Photoshooting is very interesting because is a unique way to express yourself. As a next step, catwalk would be a little dream and target for the future! My future dreams combine project abroad with famous creators and artists, because my experience and horizons needs to be widen, further than Greece, where art is a little bit limited!
Nancy is a smiley young girl, that wants to become a very recognisable fashion model in the future!!




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