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Desire and Identity, the loss of Identity, the loss of any kind of mental stability...thats the world of Lynch's cinema, his Fantasy is a spectral declaration of a deranged Self, so addicted to passion of self-destruction .

Just remember the narrative of Mullholland Drive or Lost Highway, the patterns of the whole Noir film tradition are coming back: deconstruction of personality, devilish femme fatale, the death and eros in psychotic terms.

But Lynch is not just a postmodern neo-noir director. His films go beyond the forms, his focus is the depiction of a fantastic world where the most horrible thing is the absence of the reality. 

From this point of view the Fantasy of Lynch is not a Surreal one but neither Hyppereal. It is a Fantasy where the pleasure does not exist, the woman is not even the object of passion, a Fantasy that adores itself and abused memory, identity, senses, people, sex and fear in order to dominates the mind of the damned heroes.

Check how Hollywood is reflected in Mullholland Drive. The space of a horrible psychedelia, dreaming situation and not a real space, the representation of Eros fragmented in tormented bodies and souls. The Hollywood is a hybrid location of dream and nightmare, a symbolic actor of a Fantasy that is struggling for its freedom through the submission of Hollywood to subconscious.

David Lynch's fantasymake us addictive with it, almost pervert to dream the end of our identity , dream a sexual violence against our naive faith that in this world we are still masters of our mind..











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