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 Can you imagine Instagram without all these extremely beautiful and supersexy girls that presented as brand ambassadors, fashionbloggers and models ? Each one of them command the fashion n style of thousands and maybe millions followers, and directed in new paths the marketing, communication and promotion of the whole Lifestyle.

An Instagram account is enough to serve the ambition of millions of young girls ,not just to get connected with the Global brands but to set up their own brand, fully exploited their personal followers/fans/clients.

The classic role of Fashion Magazines and Agencies is coming slowly to an end. The Instagram Influencers are the  providers of all these services but give us something more...

Give us the feeling of be in contact with someone like us, someone who shows its everyday life through Instastories and shoots, doing exactly what we do. So their success is that are  potentially so close to what every girl in the Instagram dreaming: one day  be famous, rich and stylish.


A new generation of television and art has ben already started with the emergence of Instagram, everyday millions of videos and billions of pictures exchanged globally without any intermediary. The lifestyle of this supermassive exchange between the consumers has marked an era where the consumers take on their hands the absolute shaping of commercial trends through the mastering of social media and network apps.

Instagram Influencers are the new Fashion and Media elite and the cooperation, connection and influence of those Influencers would be the most interesting and adventurous thing for the future of Creative Industry.



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