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 Photography: Theodoros Terzidis

 Model: Nancy Ioannoy








I love only me , my self , my mirror..
My icon, all the world is my selfie and the world is a selfie, maybe real maybe not maybe happy maybe not...but i do not care for what u think ..
I care only about how u see me, my image n' my shoots.

Live the Instalife ...i am living without past and without future, just enjoy the moment that i can post it immediately..cause the post is the confirmation of my existence..
I post therefore I exist..poor Descartes u were so primitive and so naive at the same time.

I love only me, i really wanna find a way to flirt only me and dream only me and f*ck only me, and you ..all of u be my followers..the audience of my pointless majesty, servants of my fantastic self..

Aris Moskov























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