The Girlfriend Experience: thoughts for a TV Elegy
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Who says that film or Television projects are not by themselves cultural actors, powerful and seductive machines of creation? Even if the whole thing is about something so common as the sexual life of a young girl in a postmodern Metropolis of 21st century, "The Girlfriend Experience" is an epic manifesto of the absolute freedom of a woman to pleasure the experience of sex as a chess player, as a scientist who searches deeper n' deeper the psychology of her clients.

A cold depiction of the commercialisation of sexual relationships with a monstrous beauty of a nihilism, paralysed us with the extreme realism of the scenes, pushing the limits of our perceptions about morals and values.

This girl has not become an escort by any economic need,  chooses this way because she likes it, cause she wants to taste every sexual experience from the position of the most powerfull. She wants to convince us  that money is just the layout of the whole story.

Her truth is that sex is a social expression, a game, a trade thing and a natural satisfaction...all in the same package. So she has no room for sentimental choices, she does not restrict sex in a romantic, or in a pornographic view. For her the experience of all forms of sex its the only purpose and money is only a mean to achieve it.

Riley Keough after that role definetely marked us with her performance, a performance that dominates the whole drama and expresses an individual who through the hell of social underestimation declares its freedom saying and doing what in reality everybody imagine to do.




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