The Ibiza nightlife hymn
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I was pissed as a fart
Yeah so what did I do, chucked the bitch out from the night before dint I?
Open the door, I forgot to take a shower but it don't matter anyway
I love that smell of sex
So I thought I'd follow that smell down to the beach
N' on my way mate, you should a seen the babes
What all ova the place
Left, right
And in the middle
It was wicked

In the distance I could hear this beat sort of
Buildin' up
In the background people screamin' at the tops of their voices
It was an amazin' feelin'
The sun was shinin'
It was shinin' so fuckin' bright I had to put my sunglasses on dint I?
Yeh, so
Yeh so that was the way it was on that

I entered the center of the hullamaboo
Those people were gettin' down man!
They were movin' their bodies
There were so many gyrating bodies, getting down
And they were getting down
To that phat dope shit

Oh yeah, I've had some of that
So I thought "right it's time to go home"
But on the way I nick a bottle of vodka off somebody innit?
Yeah. take the taste away of all the sweet shit I had the evenin' before
So I did
And as I was going to the bar
To nick the splash
This baby grabbed me between the legs
And pulled me back on to the dance floor
Cause she wanted me and only me
To get down with her
To that phat dope shit





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