American Gods: a religious underworld revenge
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A STARZ adaptation of Neil Gaiman's award-winning fantasy novel of the same name and here we are again to speak about religion in this value-naked world that we live. Surely the performance of the protagonists could be better or allow me to say more refined for the needs of this fantastic narrative but this TV project give us  a gorgeous reflection of the deeper meaning of Gaiman's novel. A reality that hosted the Odyssey of a human and divine figure who together discover the war of dead gods in the American society of this century.

Everything here has the print of a visual alchemy of scenes full of artistic hyperrealism , sexual horror and pop anarchism, crafting a unique object of image/thought.

In any case the significance of this adaptation is the renewal of a need to translate our cultural principles  in relation with the eternal invisible war of  Spirit and Matter. What is tremendous on "American Gods" is that this war has taken flesh.

Are you gonna be a hero, a victim or a..God? nobody knows yet.




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