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Some say ,its not ethical , it does not help our personal balance to seek unstoppably experiences outside of Work...but the global trends on the choices of the last 2 generations reject this mourning about the bad influence of Leisure expansion.

The urban way of life, the tourism of experience & events , the merging of education with entertainment needs, all prove that we have already move towards a society where the rule and command of pleasure as a social value would be the only master. New social inequalities and individual psychophenomena would be presented by the reversion of the old industrial puritanism around the Work.

 The new elites of socialisation would be those that could produce leisure experiences , experiences that would define the space, time and the people that would get in their clubs.

The investment of money on this Pleasuredom is growing with unimaginable rates year by year. The power of the global mobility of the young,educated and ambitious nomads affects the tourist industry of big traditional destinations of the past.

The tourism of ephemeral communities around certain creative and live actions has been shaping a new geography of the culture .

It will not be far the day where the capitols of super-VIP entertainment would be deserted and abandoned cause of the emergence of myriads of new destinations all over the world.

The generation of Boiler Room and boutique festivals is here, shaking the world leisure industry that is still remains engaged to its stereotypes of luxury and wealth models of the 20th century.

Lets say goodnight and goodluck to them...and salute the millions if not billions on this planet that transform the forms of communication and experience according to the speed of the social apps that they use.





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