HAYA interview

I love to present here new international emerging brands that their concept has so powerful reflection through their owners in crystall clear way. The HAYA brand is such a case and the following interview of Mrs. Georgieva and Mrs. Lupo are the best proof about it. For me the essential is that these two wonderful women are Artists by themselves already engaged in a series of creative projects. From this point of view we are speaking about accessories that are crafted with a Luxury touch , mysterious aura and modern coolness for any woman. Enjoy this sincere and intensive chat about the HAYA brand! 

AM: The brand emerged as a cosmic synchronicity between two spirits that breathe in unison: Tonya Georgieva, a visionary, experimenter and a dreamer, and Vladislava Lupo, a professional musician by vocation and creative artist by devotion.

How did you come up with the idea to create the brand?

HAYA is our personal creative journey guided by the genuine symbiosis between our inner worlds and finding а soulmate along the way.

We just found each other.

Walking on the dusty paths of life, we both dedicate our sacred energy to designing and discovering art in its various forms.

Our inner restlessness in a world of creative chaos and thirst for artistic self-realization has always pushed us further in exploring the unknown.

We have been involved in painting, interior design, graphic design, professional music... while the invisible threads of life led us to this encounter and this story.

This is a story of going beyond.

... A story of surrendering to the impulse to be honest and instinctive before we can truly manifest ourselves in a rough and intimate way.

We believe that HAYA was born at the right time, when we were ready for this universal synchronicity,

it is just the result of the metaphysical connection between the energy of two human beings.


 AM:Haya creates statement pieces, which convey sensuality, strength and seduction. What is the philosophy behind your collections? What kind of woman inspires HAYA?

Conceived and perceived as a disarming weapon, HAYA is born to empower the modern warrior goddess with high-end leather accessories.

We believe that our creations are a reward for the brave woman ready to be herself, to assert herself as a manifesto of her true nature and

aesthetics, for the role she has chosen to play on the scene of life.

Our handcrafted seasonless designs are the heir of ancient tanner techniques, through which we give free will to our unbridled imagination.

When we work, we are completely immersed in the artisanal sacrament, we are addicted to the seductive sensation of handling and

working with leather as a sensual “living” material. We love the smell of leather.

Each handcrafted product carries the sacred energy instilled in it through the soul and the hands of Tonya.

Authentic, raw, arousing.

Our innate passion for design and rebellious spirit are constantly curious for new challenges.

This encourages us to experiment, diving deeper and deeper by mixing ancient techniques, and playing with colors and shapes.

We believe that the challenge of the times we live in is to strike the balance, to preserve women’s intrauterine divine energy and

at the same time be strong, emancipated, hard-working girls.

We as women express and experience the female body as the essence of femininity, we praise its divinity with cult-like devotion.

HAYA woman is a bold and proud temptress with loud and vivid sensuality.

She is a warrior goddess!


AM:Tell us about the materials and the techniques you use to craft.

Deeply connected to our roots and families, we created this project as a manifestation of the synergy between the old and the progressive, between heritage and modernity.

 It’s the product of the wildest imagination and artistic bravery, generated by constant curiosity.

As mentioned, all accessories are handcrafted with special attention to texture and detail by Tonya, our skilled artisan, alongside our team.

This way, we support and revive the old craftsmanship techniques of producing luxury leather goods that are deeply rooted in our work.

We are always full of excitement and adore the feeling of creating a product, always imagining how it comes to life and lives its own life on the other side of the world, on a body of a woman. The HAYA woman has different names, she is lavish, tall, thin, slender, with any skin color, she is just gorgeous and finds the imperfect perfection.

Driven by our desire for all these beautiful and brave "warrior goddesses" to be completely satisfied, we use only the finest leather and materials to ensure the exquisite look, feel and quality of every single item.

High-quality authentic leather guarantees that over time, each accessory would develop its own look and character, becoming uniquely personal and staying with you for years. This is very important to us!


AM:Why is HAYA a sustainable brand?

Straying away from mass production in its usual form, we dedicate ourselves to keeping the highest possible standards throughout the whole process of production - from the selection of materials to design work and handcrafting. Treasuring and respecting the artisanal process we believe luxury should stand for.

We are committed to ethical and responsible production by minimizing waste at every step of the process.

Most of our products are in limited quantities or made-to-order, thus making only what our clients desire.

We arrange the patterns, cut and work with the leather so that there is zero waste. We usually donate the smallest pieces to other artisans who create dolls, souvenirs or other small things, thus leaving no waste.

As sensitive people, with a clear position on this topic, we avoid excess and overproduction, trying to prevent overconsumption... one of the bleeding wounds of Earth.


AM:Tell me more about your plans and actions for Haya's growth and expansion in the near future. 

Firstly, we believe that the situation in the world will return to normal as soon as possible, bringing back the passion, energy and thirst for creativity and life.

Speaking of ourselves, we wish to travel more, find inspiration and dedicate our boundless energy and free spirit in following new signs around the world, creating new designs for our 11 collections.

The number 11 was somehow always present in our work, in our lives, it appeared everywhere and we accepted it as a sign, it became our sacred number, royal number, lucky number.

That is how our 11 collections came to fruition, each with a different theme and technique, where every woman can find herself.

We will just keep following the signs!

We believe that this year we will create valuable partnerships with showrooms, retailers and why not with other artists with whom we could collaborate.

We will continue our work with Julia Falco - our Brand Developer and Distribution Strategist to expand the markets, strengthen the brand and partner up with new locations for people to discover the creations of HAYA


AM:Thanks so much , keep on fashion and wish you make HAYA a big international story !