Zlhilyova Lingerie is not a usual brand but the epitome of synthesis of female technopower with what seduction means in everyday life of a world in a constant metamorphosis.
Here i have the honor to speak with the founder and owner of this fantastic brand, Ms Valeria Zhilyova who is sharing a deep dimension of her inspirations and brand vision.
She is a real example of hard work , artistic imagination and branding evolution par excellence. Enjoy her!
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AM:Which part of your personality do you express through the creation of Zhilyova Lingerie? Is it about your fantasy or about your business inclination?

I’ve been very much immersing myself fully in the brand development and every process that leads from it.

I allow myself to dream big when it comes to the brand collections, which are not always quite suitable for the surrounding reality, but for me it is all metaverse,

where accessories, lingerie, clothes express themselves, and are a little out of this world, sci-fi movie like.

The quality of project idea execution and content production are the ways to the very heart of the clientele, so that the customer is initially interested in the branding of the company, and then pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, which leads to client loyalty.

As this was founded in a conservative country, and our way of approaching a lingerie business had the need to be proven from the very beginning, however today the line is very much expanded. Zhilyova experiments with outdoor items, embroidery, recycled materials, silk, and technological mesh.

I am quite a tactile person,and  it is important for me to feel the quality of every material. Before the start of each collection development, I carry small samples with me everywhere, mix and match them in my head, put them together in various ways, and I sometimes even sleep having them by my side.

 AM:The difference of your lingerie has to do with a clear attraction to something futuristic, tech and metahuman. How strong is in your mind the sexual drive with a kind of female metamorphosis?

 Amazing question. Gaming and futuristic film industries are the most close and familiar to me. As a child, I was very much into gaming, and the transition from 8-bit games to the last of us 2 absolutely blew me away. When playing, I realized that it is not necessary to try on the role that society dictates, you can engage in battles, win and move on to new amazing levels.

I think for many children it was and will be a great way to transform into a different reality, which is radically separate from your place of origin.

I grew up in a small industrial town where I certainly could not even think about the future in the industry that I now find myself in.

However, movies, anime and gaming formed my individualistic cultural code, and it just so happened that I was lucky enough to take the risk of passing it on through the collections and creative lingerie photoshoots. The brand broadcasts that a woman can do absolutely whatever she desires, and look the way she wants and invisions it.

Sexy, gentle, powerful, competitive, provocative. We all have this choice.

AM: Share with me more info about your latest collection and the whole idea behind it.

 The Nebula collection translates infinite energy nursing new stars with galactic power. Nebula as a scientific term represents my interpretation of humankind, which is an endless energy cultivating all of its superpowers that make it unstoppable.

 The photoshoot for the Nebula collection shows the brand’s perspective to accept and develop self,

practice self-love, always move forward and never look back.

Same way nebulae birth new stars, individuals nurse their strengths and superpowers.

 The topic of a galaxy is the foundation of this campaign and correlates vitality of a human being with an abundance of the universal power source.

The short film for this collection is a clear indication that every person has superpowers that await to be activated. 


AM: Give me a map of the global commercial development of Zhilyova Lingerie and some comments for the countries you observe that got more sales.

 We are represented in Poland, France, Japan, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, USA. 

Zhilyova is a global brand, with headquarters in the heart of Kyiv. All items are manufactured in Ukraine, which I am very proud of.

I am honoured to support Ukrainian local manufacturing businesses.

We are able to understand detailed preferences of each region of the world,

and based on this data, adjust the patterns and the structure of the collection for individual places.

As an example, having our own manufacturing production allows us to make a separate size chart, adapted to Japan. 

 AM: Which kind of Art inspires you and why?

 I'm a big fan of Japanese animation, futurism, retro futurism and the visual aesthetic of gaming.

In every city and country I visit, I first go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Almost always during the development of a collection,

I imagine the interior in which a model is located wearing each lingerie set. I love to create a complete look,

be it a modern apartment building design or the interior of a spaceship. It’s my own life hack. Perhaps, one day I will be engaged in the design of characters in video games. It correlates and meets my vision for the future.

Just look at how it's portrayed in Death Stranding or Street Fighter.

 AM:Tell me about your vision and the immediate plans for the growth of Zhilyova lingerie.

 As the brand is extremely inspired by technological development, we are focused on innovating client relations and engagement through AR.

Virtual fittings, virtual shopping and ethical production are my main points of focus right now. This includes 3D visualization, which is very much in tune with the aesthetic of the brand. 

Additionally, I would love to continue to expand a topic of sustainability in Ukraine as well.

It is crucial to take every step you can as a company to become ethical and transparent in production and manufacturing.

Our business strategy at the moment is to consider creating the same quality products, but made out of fully recycled materials.

For example, our new collection includes swimwear made out of recycled material Econyl

These are our current missions as a brand.


AM: Such a pleasure for this talk , i wish the best for your brand and keep on futuristic!