Victoria Secret unfortunately is out of order and lose for sure Natalie Kotova from its Paradise crew. Natalie is per definition an emerging top model, passionate with oil painting, fashion, extreme sports and music, involved in Russian brandind industry, having already top participations with High Fashion brands from all around the world..

Natalie stay unstoppable, enthusiastic and ambitious, future is yours!



Why modeling? Which part of your self do you express through this?

As I like to say, I didn’t choose modelling, modelling chose me! I have always been the tallest in the class, and people always said that I should be a model.

I never took it seriously, but then one day I felt in love with VS Fashion Show and taking part in that became my dream.

I think many models started there career with old Victoria Secret dream! Sadly, as soon as I started, the show got cancelled. 

But nether the less, I never really took modelling seriously… I was always into studies, and this has been a hobby, which gave me new emotions,

allowed me to meet new people, travel and gave me money, of course). There are some drawbacks as well, which I have to mention…

High levels of competition, need to fit to the standards… this led to eating disorders and other psychological problems, which I had to go through…

You got already an important experience as a brand ambassador, share with me the highlights of your career (top projects, campaigns etc)

Oh, I have been working quite a lot  and there have been so many great projects I made! I am afraid I could forget something.

Due to the pandemic it is super hard to travel at the moment, so most of the jobs are done in Russia lately, even tho I take some directs abroad.

In the past months I made about 12 Fashion Shows, including Valentino and Burberry, as well as Fashion Week shows.

Few campaigns, in a few days I will be on billboards for New Years Collection around the whole country. I loved the collaboration of Religion clothing and Adam Saaks (amazing designer from LA), even though we were shooting for 16 hours non-stop, it was super fun! I did many jobs in Bali, Thailand, Russia (of course, since I am from Russia), Italy, Morocco, this summer went to Baku for 2 days for music video shooting… Jewerly campaigns, sports, wedding look books… 

Art and Fashion is a way of living or a way of life for you.?

That’s a tough question. Modelling isn’t the job I see myself in my whole life. I study neuroscience and psychology in UvA and planning to obtain PhD in this field later on.

But as long as I am young, it is a super fun thing to do! I love art. When I make cool projects, I experience the same feeling as

when I make oil paintings (another hobby I have). But will be completely honest, Money is a great motivation too!) 

 My motto is''i make seduction visible''. What means seduction for you?

Seduction… Temptation, lure… I think it is all about the charisma. If something / someone has that spirit, that energy,

which makes you feel the internal vibrations, desire, some inner impulse - that is seduction. It can be expressed anywhere - in art, in clothes, in music. 

How do you love to enjoy your free time?

I don’t like to have free time. I like to keep myself busy and keep moving. And I have a lot of things to do:

I still study in the University, so I have to do all of the study stuff. I love sports, it gives me a lot of energy, so I train at least 3 times a week.

I also play tennis (12 years!), practice yoga, surfing, and have been doing Muay Thai for almost 3 years now. 

It might sounds a bit «too much», but that’s a thing I always do: always try new things and keep exploring.

I learned how to DJ, did bungee jumping, got certified as a free diver, learned how to ride a motorbike… and that’s all in the past year. 

Which is the project you dream to be part of one day?

Well, if Victoria Secret could ever go back to their brand image with the ideal Angels, I would love to take part in their show. 

Tell me about your next plans and projects for the near future.

I am planning to go to Italy soon for a contract. Then, hopefully, UK (I dream of modelling in London!).

And I also would love to visit Japan and make a few projects there. But we will see how life will go! 

AM:Thanks Natalie, my pleasure talk with you !