JULIA FALKO interview

Brand developer and Distribution Strategist , Julia Falko is sharing with us her important international highlights from the markets and depicting at the same time a very dynamic approach for the future of Branding in the near Post-Covid future. She is signifying par excellence the new generation in the European Business of Fashion and inspires every woman who would love to be part of the Beauty & Fashion Industry.

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AM:Julia, you’ve been working in fashion industry for quite a while!

Would you share some highlights from your career in the business of fashion?


Hello dear Aris Moskov!

First of all, thank you for this conversation, it is a pleasure to share my vision and work ethics with you. A big “HI” from Milan!

So let’s start with a few words about my background.

After graduating in Fashion Business & Business Administration programs in Italy,

I began working in the fashion industry - in the commercial / wholesale departments of womenswear brands.

Time flies, especially when one is passionate about their job, so it has been 7 years already.

I started as a wholesale assistant, where I learned pretty much everything about the back-office work in a fashion brand.

I worked with the buyers of multi-brand stores from the Russian market (I am from Saint-Petersburg, by the way), East Europe and CIS countries.


The most interesting part of the wholesale department was getting to understand different clients’ preferences and tastes,

depending on the geographical locations, and the ways the same brand may be represented in different countries.

Another aspect that always excited me is the brand strategy – how the brand adapts for various markets,

what strategic partnerships the company finds in different cities, how the communication & marketing decisions get implemented. 

After having spent several years inside the fashion companies and gained experience,

I decided to become a freelance fashion business developer & distribution strategist and shift my career path towards consulting for the emerging brands.


AM:Your passion for Fashion Business and Creative Industries has found a new expression through your company "Resourceful". Tell me something about it.

 Over the course of years, thanks to my acquaintances, friendships, university peers and colleagues,

 I got lucky to know many, very many creative people: fashion designers, stylists, photographers, buyers and brand owners.

And as a hobby I have always liked to connect creative people with similar views, if I saw affinity and possibility of collaboration.

Uniting friends and watching them work on projects together brings me pure joy and drives me with energy!  

Finally, this year I decided to merge my professional experience in the commercial field and my passion of connecting and coordinating.

It took a form of a fashion consulting company called “Resourceful”. (I adore this word J)

The services that I offer to my brands are divided in 4 parts.

Brand Development - We help the brand to define it’s positioning in the market through the competitors analysis and adjust the pricing strategy. We provide support with tools and materials that are necessary for the preparation of the sales campaign: look-book, line-sheet, price list. If needed, we find the production team for look book shooting or other kinds of photo shoots. Love this part too!

Distribution Strategy - We provide targeted research of potential B2B clients: multi-brand boutiques, concept stores, online retailers, buying offices, platforms.

The key factor here is to create a perfect match between a brand and a boutique, a quality partnership and an extraordinary love affair. 

Support During the B2B Sales – Defining the dates, fixing appointments, finding a physical space (showroom) in Milan or assisting during the virtual appointments, participating in the negotiations of payment & delivery terms.

Additionally - We inform the brands about possible marketing initiatives (such as local fashion weeks), networking opportunities and

collaborations that are aligned with the brand strategy.

Currently, Resourceful works with 4 amazing brands: BALUSHKA – resort wear from Italy & Russia, COSHEROOM – ready-to-wear from London,

HAYA and PLIK – handbags & avant-garde artisanal accessories from Bulgaria.


AM:You work with international brands on international projects.

What is your opinion about the next days of pandemic for the Fashion industry?

As you know, many countries still have travel restrictions, which is very unfortunate for the retail & shopping scene and

quite demotivating for the fashion designers.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic I have been eye-witnessing how designers and boutiques were

managing to adapt to the changes in the market: through the development of the online B2C and digital B2B channels,

through new approaches to storytelling in the social media and through the re-structuring and

re-thinking of the supply chain, making it more sustainable and circular.

I want to be trustful that in Spring/Summer 2022 we will finally get back to new normal (worldwide) and

have a boom of good vibes, creativity and entertainment from brands and retailers!


AM:Tell me about your next future plans, projects and visions.

Well J Excluding unforeseen circumstances for the destiny of the Humanity, I am planning on developing my company – Resourceful.

We will continue providing quality fashion consulting to the brands that already work with us and

welcome more amazing emerging fashion designers aboard!

I wish to travel more, expand my network of entrepreneurs operating in fashion business and create more

interpersonal relationships with the retailers and boutique owners, which is very important.

Also, I hope to see you soon, Aris!

In any event, I am sure to create new strategic partnerships both for my brands and for my business and

be able to maintain the existing ones with respect, enthusiasm and professionalism.


AM: Thanks for your words and wish you the best for the future!