MIO handmade interview

Danica Miocinovic is the founder of the MIO brand, a fantastic signature of handmade bags with natural and sustainable materials, classy crafting and a unique design which combines classic tones with modern expressions. The brand of this super talented Serbian creator is a confirmation what the passion, work and plan of a young woman could make in Fashion Industry. Enjoy her vision and realism!

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AM: Your brand has been emerged inside COVID age.

How did you come up with the idea to create the brand in such difficult conditions for the fashion industry?


That's right, in the middle of the covid pandemic when a lot has changed in our daily lives and work, and in times in which definition of normal living changed. When everything seemed to stop, where lockdowns followed.

During that period, I got more time to get in my creative mood, and soon the idea for the brand was born.

I started experimenting more with textiles and ideas kept coming more and more. My first design got a great reaction and response from people and that gave me even more motivation to continue with my creative expression. When I am obsessed with my ideas,

I do not think about how difficult the situation is, I am more focused and passionate about a realization of an idea.


When I was younger, I have always known that I am attracted to fashion and design, so later I decided to graduate as a clothing designer in Belgrade.

At first, it took me a while to find myself because design is a broad term.

In process of creation, I wanted to start first with designing unique pieces and after developing them with my hands.

I am most grateful to my mother, who was the first to start with crocheted bags as a hobby and brought me closer to handicrafts.

We are now a real dream team and we always complement each other, which gives great results. It is very important when you have dilemmas as a designer, to have someone to consult with and work out the best possible version of the idea.

From my point of view as a woman, it has always been difficult for me to find a handbag that expresses my character and taste.

Women tend to express themselves through accessories, so I believe an authentic accessory is extremely necessary and desirable for a woman.



AM: Mio creates statement pieces .What is the philosophy behind your collections?


Thank you, it means a lot to me that you have noticed my brand, which is still young and in development.

And thank you for setting time aside for my interview.I have two lines, unique pieces, and limited ones.

The philosophy behind my collections is spontaneous and not forced,

it is formed based on the audience's feedback.

Mio offers something new, two directions are represented, retro and modern at the same time.

Bags are very effective, sophisticated, and feminine.

In the sea of offers, you need that factor, which sets you apart by a specific design.


AM:Tell us about the materials and techniques that you use to create.


Materials are exactly the segment that awakens the greatest creativity in creating Mio bags.

I love a combination of wood, metal, stone and ackrill

Mio is represented by bag clips that give a retro touch, while the choice of textiles and shapes gives a modern note.

Each bag is made by hand, which allows a wide range of materials such as tweed, lace, brocade, knitwear.

Mio also makes crocheted bags, which are truly exclusive.

It is a constant creative experiment with color structures, and different materials, as well as with the technique of making.


AM:Tell me about your plans and actions for Mio growth and expansion in the near future.


As a young designer, this is just the beginning for me. With each new piece, I try to overcome myself.

Development is a continuous process, which requires time and work.

I am working to improve the visibility and popularity of the Mio brand.

A lot of things are in preparation, including a new exclusive collection, which is coming soon.

No matter future or now, dreams are big, as far as the Mio brand is concerned. 


AM: You will make great things keep on! Thanks again for our chat!