Modeling,Visual Art and Fashion find a completed expression on Cristal Nannoni. Her passion for Cinema,Interior Design and of course for brand with her name defined her aesthetic future which i am sure will be great for her. Enjoy the freshness and minimalism of her thoughts and feeling Milano's mood of next Creative Generation!.





AM:Hi Cristal, how long are you in modeling market?

I’ve been modelling since I was 17 (I’m 20 now). I started my Instagram account when I was 16 and I started modelling when I started gaining followers.

When I reached 10k I started to receive many more inquiries. I never signed with an agency. I work as a freelancer.

AM:Cool, Art or Fashion drive your passion for this?

Certainly both. I’ve always loved art. I studied art at school and

also had the opportunity to have my own art exhibition in an art gallery in Milan.

I’ve always loved fashion too thanks to my mom. She was a model when she was younger and

I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion industry also thanks to her.

AM:Thats great what an inspiration to have both influences,What kind of art are you creating?

I had the chance to exhibit my work that I created firstly in high school.

It is a project based on my connection with my family. I wanted to visually represent my connection with each member of my family,

and I did this using photography, drawing, transfer printing, sawing and other techniques.

My idea was all about mutation and how our characteristics, in time, would latch us together like a never ending string.
You know Dumas? Marlene Dumas, I got a lot of inspiration from her work
AM:Do you read generally, do you love books? 
I actually don’t like reading,It’s something that never really interested me.It’s just not my thing.
But I’m a fan of documentaries, I love learning new things, just not from books.

AM: So that means you love Traveling?

Of course!! I am deeply in love with travelling.Another reason why Covid is killing me ,I can’t travel ! 
 I just can’t do this anymore really,I need to go outside and live. It’s draining me!

AM:In Fashion which is your biggest dream to experience?

My biggest dream would be to have my own label,My own brand.
 I would love to design clothes and I would have the chance to model for my own brand too!.It would be awesome!
I would want to create something that is for both men and women,something underground that can also be classy.

AM:What about other Arts that you love .

 I love everything that’s aesthetically pleasing ,I wanted to study interior design for university

I love minimalism, I’m in love with cinema too, I’m studying cinema in university.

AM: Thanks for your words and wish you the best for the future..keep on Art!