DUSHA interview

 Ecological consiousness, authentic devotion to feminity and a gorgeous blend of American swimwear aesthetic with Mediterranean style!

 This is Dusha and this is Vasileianna's brand star!

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 AM:Share with me which part of your self do you express through the creation of Dusha brand?

What a nice question! In russian Dusha means Soul and I think this tells everything you need to know.

Dusha expresses me, it’s like a manifestation of my soul, it’s the way I see today’s women wearing pieces I’ve designed combining fashion and emotions.

AM:Give me the philosophy, the basic message that has Dusha for the modern woman.

Dream. Plan. Do! This is our philosophy and our motto as well. Our image of today’s women is about dreaming,

 planning and taking decisive actions as to achieve the life they want.


AM:What inspires you to give this sensual, powerful and eco - friendly character to your brand?

As a person I’m very ecologically concious. Having a clothing brand is not just designing but knowing what happens behind the scenes as well.

I was quite shocked when I learnt that the global textile industry was responsible for 79 billion cubic meters of water, 1715 million tons of CO2 emission and 92 million tons of waste. And all these numbers will rise by 50% until 2030 if no appropriate measures are taken.

Wanting to be part of the change I’ve educated myself about production and I found the best ways that could make Dusha an ethical and eco - friendly brand.


 AM:You are very focused on the ethical fashion part of materials and generally the importance of sustainability. Tell me more about it.

For me, ethical fashion isn’t just a term, it’s a way of life. It’s the way that our brand was built and works and the way that me and my team live our lives.

We are very careful about our supply chain and we chose to co-operate with greek family factories.

It’s not just about stopping reckless consumption. It’s more about developing an ethical conciousness when it comes to shopping.

We should be thinking what we chose to wear, who made it for us and where was it made.


AM: Art, fashion, music, travels. Is this a blend that you want to define your lifestyle and Dusha’s women lifestyle and if yes why?

If we add all these together we get a normal life, something that every woman living a fast paced life needs and has the right to experience.

Besides, behind art, fashion, music and travelling the inspiration of an artist is always will be a muse.


A:My motto is “ I make seduction visible”. Tell me what is seduction for you and if Dusha wants to provoke a certain kind of seduction.

If you make seduction visible, Dusha calls that “Woman”.


 A:Share with me how you want to be, how do you love to see your brand in the near future and generally your creative business.

I have a lot of love for what I do, even though I don’t have the support of some people from my environment.

My goal is for Dusha to be even more loved from women and I want them to understand that behind the clothes they purchased there is a whole ethical philosophy of production.

Every single night before I fall asleep I dream of Dusha travelling all over because

for me it’s like a woman that needs to travel and see the world.

Last but not least we are a company that volunteers and organises actions considering social issues and

animal welfare and this is something that we are looking to expand in the future.


AM:My pleasure Vasileianna have you for this interview!