A poet , dancer, model and artist , Claudia Borri is per definition a superb woman of creativity, a deeply impressive woman in fantasy , having a unique synthesis of her body and spirit energy. One more time to meet up a new artist from my beloved Italy and the gorgeous Milano city




 Why dancing? Which part of your self do you express through it?

 Dance has always been a way to process unclear emotions and then being able to express them with the outside world,
it has been a part of me since I was a child when I was certainly attracted by the aesthetics of movement and I was copying what I saw on TV,
but then it became a real way of living everyday life. My family always told me it was destiny: I was born prematurely and
I was in an incubator for a few months; the doctors didn't know if I would have survived and gave me a fantasy name which
is “ballerina” because I used to take my feet and pull them up in the air.
I like to think that it was destiny but above all, over time it was a physical need, for me dance is in everything,
I could never think of living without dancing.
You have many images that you are posing, do you love modeling too and why ?
Yes, I like to pose, I've been engaged to the fashion world all my life having a brother who works in it and he's the one who introduced me to it.
Being 12 years older than me and having always had a close relationship with him, he used to take me with him to shooting,
so I think a passion was born in me, which then actually developed first in terms of creating new and captivating outfits,
but also in posing itself. When I'm in front of the camera, as well as when I'm dancing, I feel like a different, special and more confident person.
Art and Fashion, how much connected are these two in your life?
I'm a person who doesn't like to categorize things too much, I love contamination. That's why the more my artistic career as a dancer progressed,
the more I opened up to this concept, which for me is fundamental in life. I work a lot with event agencies that
often offer me jobs that are not necessarily dance-related: at first I was stuck because I was too focused on pure dance,
I wanted everything to be 100% that, but then I realized that the important thing is to do what I like and what gratifies me,
so if I can combine art, dance and fashion, why not do it? So I did, and I'm really happy about it, especially because it gives me
a way to experiment and make everyday life dynamic and certainly not monotonous.
I am passionate writer and I noticed your love on poetry , share with me more about this. 
My love for poetry, for writing in general, has always been there: my mother used to write and I think she unintentionally passed on this passion
that I understood how to develop over time. when I was a child I used to write short stories in which I couldn't express myself fully,
I always felt like I had to hide behind someone else's story, so I abandoned writing for some time.
Then 4/5 years ago I started writing again, simply writing thoughts, more as a personal outlet at first,
but then they turned out to be a way of exorcising everyday life: I found the crudest but
also the sweetest way to describe what I feel and I haven't stopped since.
In recent years these thoughts became more structured to being real poems; these remained personal,
however, a few people close to me knew and they are the ones who spurred me to create an ig page that
people actually liked and so last year I published my first book "Quando nessuno vede".
Tell me few things about your next plans\projects  for the future.
In the near future I will definitely continue to teach, which surprises me because when I was studying I would have never thought
it would interest me, instead it is a really rewarding aspect of my work because you can actually see the improvements of the students
but also useful to my work as a dancer
because it is only by teaching that I understood many concepts that I was taught in turn but that at the time I did not fully understand.
In addition to this I will certainly continue to perform in fact I have some events planned for the next few months and
especially to write not only poetry because I have two shows in the pipeline that I will propose in residence so I'm also opening myself up to the world of choreography.
I can certainly say that immobility is not my strong suit and I look forward to stimulating collaborations!

AM:My pleasure Claudia to chat with u!