We should apologize again for our delay to publish the interview of the Greek band "Psychedelic Trips to Death", in any case we are really happy to present them here with you and of course to strongly propose to listen their music and buy the ''RESISTOR" if you really wanna take some dark trips to death with a haunted blend of cinematic post pop with a psychedelic rock massivity. Do not miss to check their work and dare to trip with them !

Q:How strange it is to be from a country not so powerful in the International Music scene and at the same time to  be ambitious to build a brand name internationally?  Does this work stressful for you, i mean like a burden reminds you to keep on high performance in order to give proofs   ?

Since we haven’t lived and made music as Psychedelic Trips To Death in another country we can only imagine what it would be like.
As you know it’s a lot easier to be borderless in the music domain with internet nowadays which is a great for musicians who live in countries whose system aren’t exactly art friendly.To answer to the second question we feel like we engage in an international music scene,even though we don’t live in the center of it, so we try to keep ourselves happy with our performance in the first place.

Q:Your Music has a strong psychedelic ,indie and post goth elements. I am really curious to ask you what drives your inspiration, what leads you to create this kind of Art? 

That kind of music helped us understand our feelings about life in the first place so I guess it’s just a way of expressing them too.
I believe that subconsciously our experiences translate to this kind of music that we feel safe in

Q:What about the Artists who got a huge impact on you with the exception of music, writers, directors etc  anyone you have on top.

To name a few : Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain , Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, David Lynch and
Jim Jarmusch.

Q:How much grounded or out of space do you prefer to be during the process of an album's creation?

Ideally we’d be free from any distraction and any fuss during that process.
Wherever that’s possible we gladly enjoy that opportunity.

Q:Do you feel that through music you share a message, something that you want to say to other people or it is a mystic dialogue with yourselves and only yourself?

I think of our music as a message with many applications.
Our lyrics apply in a different way to me than to someone else so I believe that they are free to be interpreted as one needs them to

Q:Tell me an album that you never get bored of listening to again and again.

I’d go with a classic, The Stooges – “The Stooges”.

Q:To be honest , your last work ''The Resistor'' it has a subliminal, addictive power on me , from music to lyrics it's obvious something more crystal clear, mature and really self confident. What did you change in this work in comparison with your past works ?

“The Resistor” had more space and time to evolve compared to our previous releases.
It was the first time we had our own studio to work in which made the time needed for the album to grow on us.
There were a lot of trial & error, experimentation and discussion about taking new paths which led to the final result.

Q:Finally, i would love to know extensively your next music/artistic plans and projects for the near future.

At the time we are working on and recording new material.
These new songs we’ll surely differ from what people expect from us to listen.
We are also working with some really great people which they filmed & recorded us performing a full live session including songs from every release.
That was a special moment for us as we mark 10 years of existence and made for a beautiful closure of an era.
AM: Such a pleasure for this talk , i wish the best for your band and keep on ART !