Sometimes it is difficult to accept that you met a model that actually has a Cinematic aura, a deep Fine Art aesthetic in all over her style and it would be blessing to cooperate with her not in Fashion only ..Yes Gabriele Tevainyte is a woman that gives a vintage elegance to Modeling with suspense from Noir films of 60s and 70s. Moreover is a woman who has a fantastic spiritual sensitivity about life, creativity and hapiness of freedom to act and taste. Thanks again for her time and the precious chat that she shared with me , enjoy her beauty through her images and words!





  AM:Which part of your self do you express through modeling?

I always were passionate about Beauty and Arts and I admire creativity in all it’s shapes. Growing up I graduated first at Music School, then Arts School,

so modeling has always been one more way to express myself and be surrounded by creative people. I actually started it because I had a huge fear of being on stage,

so at first it was mainly the self-help tool in order to get comfortable being in front of the camera and people I barely knew before the shoot.

I also love that modeling gives you an opportunity to see yourself in a totally different looks, different angles, expressing full range of emotions.

It gives you a chance to see yourself from a different perspective than you are used to. Every project reflects different characteristics -

sometimes one can see you as very fragile, feminine and sometimes it can be totally opposite - bossy, masculine, edgy. 

I think it is a great privilege to have a chance to be different everytime. Another part I love about modeling that you learn so much everyday

because you work with people from all around the world, different cultures, different backgrounds, different religions;

you also see the places that probably you would have never seen if not the projects that brought you there.

I love that modeling gives me a constant kick out of my comfort zone, because you don’t have any routine,

every project is different, team members are different, everyone has their own style, so you have to adapt quick.

 AM:Art, Fashion and Style. How much strong are in your life?

As I mentioned earlier Arts were the big part of my life since I can remember myself. First my studies were Architecture because I loved the idea that it unifies Art and Math,

unfortunately after the first year of university I realised that even though I had pretty good results I was not feeling as talented as some of my colleagues,

so I decided to quit the university and change my career path. However as my Master studies I have chosen Fashion marketing and Communication and it was a totally my thing.

As one of my professors said: “Fashion is a liquid architecture”, so in the end everything you learn leads you to something.

For me fashion is a form of Arts and it can give a lot of information about what is happening in the society at that time.

So we want or not - fashion is a big part of everyones lives, even if you don’t have an interest in it.

Through our personal style we can reflect our values, our beliefs and this non-verbal communication sometimes gives more information about the person in front of us than his/her words.

It is a powerful tool that everyone can use, it can help to build more self-confidence even if we are not quite feeling it internally.

 AM:Have you got certain preferences on concepts and projects you love to be involved in?

My favorite are fashion projects, because there I can play the most with the emotions and poses. Personally I think that my stronger side is photoshoots than fashion shows. 

Probably the least interesting are e-commerce shoots, but it also depends from the concept. They are getting more creative lately as well in terms of setting and poses.

 AM:Is there any book or film that epitomises what ideal lifestyle is for you?

To be honest, I think that life itself is so interesting and unpredictable that even the greatest book or movie would not be able to sum up. I am really grateful for all the experiences I had a chance to live,

even those that maybe were not the easiest or the most beautiful but it helped me to make some choices and grow. I love to not know what it is going to happen tomorrow or who will you meet,

because you always have that thrill in your life, but at the same time for me is very important my family and closest people, so I could feel safe and recharge the energy.

Therefore, I know that my ideal place to live is Europe as I can return back home easily.

Apart of that - I believe I can easily adapt to different lifestyles and situations. I always try to see the positive side of every situation, every person,

so it helps a lot  to go through the changes in your life.

 AM:Share with me your career highlights and your next plans /projects for the near future.

That’s a difficult one! Every project bring me something, sometimes because you work with a creative you wanted to work with for a long time,

sometimes because you did something for the first time in your life, sometimes because you visited a special place and the list goes on.

I think one of the highlights was one of the first shoot abroad, it was in Paris with beautiful dresses, it was actually my first time in Paris in general and it was on my birthday.

I still remember how happy and grateful I were! My first shoot for a 85 meters superyacht Victorious where

I experienced for the first time the feeling when you have a helicopter just in front of you while the yacht is navigating.

It is an incredible experience which is impossible to put into the words.

On this shoot I actually risked a lot as the protecting fence got broken while I was posing and holding to it but somehow I managed to keep the balance.

The fashion show where I had a chance to wear a high jewellery from Van Cleef & Arpels which was only presented once to the public before in China.

Shooting in transparent dresses, barefoot in February in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower at the sunrise - I still have no idea how I didn’t get sick hahah.

Now I am waiting for an editorial that we did for Harpers Bazaar Serbia to come out - really excited to see the result!

This spring and summer were really busy, so now I hope to have a bit more time to rest in August and then I am looking forwards to what future will bring to me.

Apart of my modeling projects I would like to learn more about the styling as I constantly try to acquire additional skills that could help in advancing my modeling career.

I am also trying to improve French at this moment in order to communicate easier with the clients and creatives as I am based at South of France right now.

With kind regards

AM:Thanks Gabriele, my pleasure talk with you !