Here we are again back on our beloved Vintage aesthetics and cinematic oriented fashion brands presenting ALEXA EVE LONDON and her stunning founder Paige Alexa Hardy. A really captivating conceptual stylish brand with unique collections for those women who are passionate with this blend of seduction,class,mystery and self confidence in frames of warm Mediterannean atmosphere. I really wish the best to my friend Paige and i strongly believe that the impressive first steps of ALEXA EVE LONDON will be continued in the near future, sharing with us this nostalgic beauty of past adventures and future challenges.

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 How did you start to get involved in the Fashion world? 

 From a young age I was drawn to a more creative style of learning, opting for an art-heavy criteria at school. 

I studied a variety of arts, including History of Art, DT Textiles, Art Textiles and Fashion Design which led me onto study Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni University, London.

 It was not until a lot later, after working in many different areas of fashion over 10 years, including retail, e-commerce, marketing, pre-loved luxury market and

styling, that I decided to put my own thoughts and ideas into a brand. I have always loved fashion photography,

specifically Helmut Newton, Arthur Elgort, Peter Lindbergh and Ellen Von Unwerth. Their work has really inspired me in the creation of Alexa Eve. 


Which is the basic aim and philosophy of your brand? 

 Our aim for Alexa Eve is to create something that captures elegance and simplicity whilst having a fun and dramatic edge.

The "90’s Supers” and the photography surrounding them have really been a forefront in starting the brand as

they somehow hold so much elegance whilst being in precarious situations creating something so interesting and seductive yet time-less and sophisticated.

 Our Expectation is to make Alexa Eve a brand that can be worn in so many different and fun ways capturing the wearers personality and emotions.

Whilst offering the upmost quality and luxury experience whilst all the time remaining practical.  

That’s why producing a collection that is simple and time-less is something we have worked on as it allows for expression of ones self. 


Art and Fashion, how much are related in your everyday life? 

 I believe Art and Fashion is incorporated through all aspects of everyday life. Through the movies you watch, the music you hear,

the places you go and the encounters you have. In my everyday life my emotions seem to have become the direction for the brand.

It has proved a way for me to express myself and without trying, Alexa Eve ends up portraying my current moods and feelings.

I think art and fashion being subjective it can be found in different ways for everyone and that is why being able to see

how each person styles and wears their clothes is such an interesting and personal experience and no two will be the same.

We hope to be able to see that with each person wearing our brand.  


Tell me about your brands near future plans and ambitions 

Alexa Eve has taken baby-steps for our first collection. As we evolve and grow we have many more ideas to bring to life.

For the near future we plan to grow our sustainable swim collection adding many more styles, colours and designs,

as well as more sizing options, catering to women of all sizes. We will also be expanding our horizons bringing in dresses, skirts, and more.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have coming soon! 


AM: You will make great things keep on! Thanks again for our chat!