A Greek woman who is rising on the sky of the intenational architecture & design market with a unique creative signature and business mentality , Maria Kardami has absolutely confirmed her position on the top of the list for the Art of Space as we used to call her field.

Certainty, Style and Coolness are blossoming through her words and the sense of Balanced is the first thing i am getting from her answers.

I would like to thank you Maria for this and really wish you to give an unimaginable growth to your brand MK and your dream projects come true .






First thing I want to share with me is which part of yourself do you express through Architecture and Interior Design,

what kind of mysterious identity you found deep inside you with these?

 My job is part of who I am. I know that it may sound cliché but in order to be able to be successful and survive through that journey, your work should be your everyday life and your collaborators should be your friends. I am a very open-minded person and I love to explore and be constantly up-to-date with the latest trends, in fashion, design, architecture, events, restaurants, etc.

I believe this is a primary element of my personality that reflects my work. I visit design exhibitions every year and I try to visit as many new projects as possible; for example, museums, new restaurants, hotels etc. That helps me to progress and constantly offer the best possible to my clients. Every time I complete a new project, I get surprised with the parts of myself that I discover. I would say that I am growing through the experience of my work.

You are managing last year’s Maria Kardami Design Studio and delivering important projects while expanding your aesthetic signature rapidly.

Tell me more about the vision of your studio and its main services and creative fields.

It is true that Maria Kardami Design Studio is delivering important projects and we have seen a rapid expansion in the past two years.  Our studio offers Architecture and Interior Design services, as soon as Space Styling and Decoration services.

My goal is to grow and include my studio on the list with the top Interior Design Studios in a global scale within the next years. The big challenge on this will be to maintain the personal relationship with the clients and the unique personal service that we currently offer.  

Could you give me your highlights from your career, your top five projects that you consider representative of what Maria Kardami Design Studio is?

I would say that through the progress of my career, I had four main transition stages. The first one was when I graduated from my University and I got my first internship in Thessaloniki. The second one was when I start exploring interior design with small freelance projects. I started becoming more independent and I started feeling the need to try something new. It was then that I made the decision to move in Athens and set up my own Design Studio.

Athens, as a bigger city had more opportunities to offer me. Today, I have taken Maria Kardami Design Studio to the next level. Our studio is a design destination for big projects and demanding clients and my team offers the highest standard services. Even though all my projects are particularly special to me, if I had to choose five that represent me, these would be the following:

  • Villa Sebastian in Mykonos
  • Villa Rolling Hills in Tirana
  • Apartment in Glyfada
  • Arachova Maisonette – Arachova
  • Medical Center in Athens Tower

From my point of view, space through architecture and interior design is a transformed extension of our mindset, way of life and perception of pleasure. Your aesthetics has a unique combination of the fashionable, functional and dreamy.

Are your projects a mirror of your personal taste of space or do you mainly adjust to the clients’ preferences and needs?

My design is indeed an extension of my personality, my experiences and my mindset. Going through that design journey I have experimented with different design styles. At the moment I am in a mature stage in my career that I have developed my own personal design identity.

As a result, my clients are choosing me because they love to have their space designed with the style of Maria Kardami’s Design Studio. My style is definitely fashionable and dreamy but at the same time functional. My biggest design challenge is to offer the best design solutions taking into account my client’s needs and lifestyle without losing my design identity.

Who are the creators, designers or even projects that had a huge impact on your initial steps?

Growing up with my family in Thessaloniki, I developed a special relationship with my grandfather, who was an architect. I always loved to spend time with him, exploring his house and his collection of objects such as books, ornaments, etc. His house was built and designed with contemporary style and materials for those days. He used to travel a lot in Europe and collect ideas and objects. My grandfather was my mentor in my path to become a designer.

I loved the way he could be free by expressing himself through his designs. As a result, from a very young age I developed a strong interest in Interior Design and Architecture. After spending many years working as an interior designer, I can say that my most recent project “Villa Sebastian” in Mykonos had a huge impact on me as a designer and on the reputation of my office. It is one of my biggest projects which gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in a bigger scale with great success.


AM:Do you consider any specific landscape in Europe as an ideal base for the development of your projects?

As you assesed it by its natural surroundings, light or even its traditional architectural format .

During my working career I have designed for various customers in various locations and environments. From bars and restaurants to apartments and villas. In Greek islands, at the countryside and city centers. I love to challenge myself when I have to adapt my design ideas to a new context.

I always discover new parts of my personality and this is something that I really enjoy. If I had to choose one location in Europe as an ideal place for my designs that would be Paris. I love the architecture of this city, the vibes of the people, the fashion. Paris is very elegant and luxurious but fresh and young at the same time.

I travel quite often in Paris to refresh my thoughts and get inspiration. I would say that Paris is definitely a city that I would love to have a future project.

Tell me about your future plans, how do you dream Maria Kardami Design Studio the next years, which level of creation, deliverance and international expansion you want to reach.

Maria Kardami Design Studio has a strong reputation in Greece at the moment. My next goal is to strengthen my reputation abroad, especially in Europe and the Middle East. I want to have regular costumers from these countries. My office has already experience with projects in Cyprus, London and Cairo, etc.

Regarding the level of creation, I aim to maintain the quality on my designs and remain personal and unique. I do not relate with Studios that copy paste a certain design without creating a personal atmosphere. Last but not least, it is really important for me to expand my team and invest in people that I can trust and I can grow with.

For me, being surrounded with the right group of people is the secret of success.       

Τhanks so much Maria!