My Word





 Dario Argento, Suspiria, film scene.


Art is the highest expression of a conspiracy..

The Conspiracy of Imagination to dominate and shape the reality ABSOLUTELY. Thats why all forms of Art in depth have a common nature, the nature of recreation of reality , the power to generate reality over reality.

So artists are first of all people who use any way to recreate the reality according to the Finest expression of Imagination, the ART..


And in this way people with that power should be together, should be multiply their Artistic powers, produce projects and combine expression, forms, tools and ideas, aiming to expand the law of ART everywhere.

This is my vision, the gathering of writers, designers, photographers, film n video creators, models, painters,dancers...around me, around Aris Moskov, which is a name of an Art Preacher, a Preacher of the only Cult that could be a minority and majority at the same time.

I will publish books and zines, i will film , i will write , i will play music, i will master events & experiences...I will expand my VISIONLAND...